About Barr T Beef

Barr T Beef is a family cattle operation in the heart of the USA that encompasses five generations of beef cattle production. We believe in producing quality cattle that will, in turn, produce quality beef.

In conjunction to ensuring a higher standard of production, all of our cattle are produced under Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) Certification and are handled and cared for in the most caring manner. 

Barr T Beef is proud to offer our locally raised, finished, and harvested beef to the consumer. Our beef is derived from grass fed/sorghum grain finished, non-hormone/non-antibiotic treated cattle that are under 24 months of age, and finished on a, locally produced, non-GMO sorghum grain based diet for 120 days. This unique sorghum grain diet produces a sweetened flavor and sets the flavor of our beef apart from others.

Staying true to our local production protocol, our beef is processed in a local USDA inspected facility. Here, our beef is dry aged for 30 days and processed into specific cuts and packaged to meet the customer’s wishes as well as to maintain the quality of our beef.

Barr T Beef wants every consumer to enjoy the flavor and tenderness of our beef that we work so diligently to ensure. For us, it is a pride in production aspect and staying true to our grass roots heritage of raising cattle. We strive to pass that pride and heritage to the consumer in the form of our wholesome and delicious beef.

Enjoy Barr T Beef, it's how beef was meant to be enjoyed!